XXX CC Payment Processing

Visa & Mastercard Processing for Adult Business

Everyone knows that the adult entertainment industry is booming. Companies in the adult field include Phone Sex Operators, Escort Agencies, Adult websites, sex toy websites, sex toy products, BDSM Clubs, Adult Clubs, Membership Clubs, Adult Cruise Lines, Adult Travel Agencies. But not all websites that offer these services are able to make it big. Despite the field having a lot of potential of profit for the retailer, there are more failures in this business than success. The main reason for this is that, very often not having a virtual terminal or worse having a bad one is one of the biggest reasons why the industry fails.

It is obvious that all payment procedures in this industry will almost never be done in cash. Plastic payment or even when card not present or payments with no signature involved are preferred by people seeking services from the adult industry.

Billing Services for XXX Websites

The nature of this industry seeks different billing procedures; this is because the kind of billing differs with each service that is provided. While adult content available online have different payment procedure, online dating websites involve various criteria that decide how much a person has to be billed for. Then again phone entertainment has billing involved per second or per minute style billing. And so the merchant account requirement of the adult industry is needed. Companies that need a high risk friendly processor include Adult Membership Clubs, Adult Ticket Events, Conferences, Entertainment Venues, Sexually Explicit Websites, Cam Girls, Models, Phone Entertainers, XXX Models, Designers, Advertisers and Marketers that cater to the xxx industry.

Merchant accounts for Adult Entertainment industry is easier said than done The process of getting a merchant account anyway is complicated as it involves a lot of paper work, waiting time as well as a high processing fees is an issue. However, low risk business with paper work in place still do manage and succeed in getting their merchant accounts from domestic banks in the conventional way.

High Risk Processor Options

When it comes to high risk businesses, banks and e-commerce payment options like Visa/Mastercard/Discover/Amex are not usually so willing. Often the nature of the high risk business is the deciding factor for merchant accounts being denied conventionally. Then again when it comes to merchant accounts for retailers in the entertainment industry are likely to have no chance, owing to the nature of the business, and all the complications that come along with it. Here age limit, fraudulence, the kind of material available for sale are all questionable and in a grey area. The laws around the sale of adult entertainment content also stands in the way.

Though the business despite being high risk is a legitimate one, but merchant accounts for these business variants remain doubtful. Yet another issue that comes along with merchant accounts for entertainment industry is that it ranges from a whole lot of services. Like the phone entertainment will be billing minute wise, the website site will have business subscription wise and so on. The regular clients will also have issues of recurring billing and cancellations and all that comes along with it. Making it even more hostile for domestic business options.

Online Website Adult Merchant Accounts

Any entertainment portal, whether it is a start up business, or an established one, will require having a virtual terminal for all the customers who wish to pay online, and a credit card portal to pay with no signature. When the domestic banking options have turned away, we come to the rescue. We are aware that the adult entertainment industry is a reality. And that most transactions happen online using ecommerce platforms or credit cards. The business will face serve losses if the virtual terminal is an inappropriate one. And so we have a secured tie up with off shore banking options that help the business save their business. These offshore banking options understand the risk involved in the business and are still willing to give them a merchant account.

Domestic Vs OffShore Merchant Services

It is but obvious that conventional businesses that are low risk can get merchant accounts with domestic banks in a comparatively easier option. However, when it comes to high risk businesses especially with the adult entertainment industry, most domestic banks refuse the permission for merchant accounts. This leaves the business with two options of either opting for an offshore banking option or letting go of the business profits.

While the latter is hardly an option, the problem is offshore banking is that the rates are much higher as compared to domestic banks. But when the domestic banks are no more a choice, the best decision for any high risk business is to opt for an offshore banking option. Offshore banking does not object to the nature of sales of content that is being made, not withstanding that the business is a high risk one. It also does not pose any opposition whether the transactions are taking place virtually online, by the use of a credit card, no card present or with no signature. Or even if the transactions are taking place physically.

Better Solutions for Your Business

With us, you cannot just get the biggest benefits of a chance to have your own merchant account but also get various other benefits. Hidden costs are a big problem with offshore banking which is not the case with us. Also, there are no setup sees, and the payment processing is fast and efficient. The main aim of this endeavour is to allow all kinds of business ventures, whether start up Vs history or whether high risk or low, must all get a chance to succeed.