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Merchant Processing Company ("MPC Solutions") is an innovative provider of electronic payment processing services to tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses across the United States. MPC is a "one-stop" shop for businesses, providing processing services for credit cards, pin-based debit cards, gift cards, checks and electronic signature capture. All of MPC's clients receive all of their equipment at no additional cost while they process through MPC Solutions.

Retail Merchant Services

Merchant Processing Company services both the traditional retail merchant setups such as mom & pop stores, restaurants, retailers, and both small and large corporate accounts. We also have developed a high risk merchant account program with EMS and GreenPay, for those merchants who may have been turned down by their local bank because of the risk level associated with their account. Whether you are building an e-commerce Web site, a traditional brick-and-mortar business or a high risk mail order/telephone order business, you will want to open an MPC Merchant Account, which enables you to accept credit cards and/or ATM/debit cards as payment for customer purchases. We accept applications from almost all types of retail and high risk business without restriction. You will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for your products and services within 24 hours upon completion of the online application and approval.

High Risk Merchants

High Risk Merchant Accounts are required for anyone operating a high risk business. But what exactly is a high risk business? That depends on who you talk to, obviously. But from the standpoint of a credit card processor, the first and foremost factors are scenarios where the customers credit is not present at the place of the transaction, and the credit card is therefore not swiped. This is the most basic factor that leads to the characterization of "high risk merchant" requiring a high risk merchant accounts.

Other factors causing the "high risk" designation are discussed on this website and mostly revolve around the type of business and the perceived likelihood of excessive charge-backs. High Risk Merchant Accounts are very difficult to get approved by traditional credit card processors or local banks. On rare occasions when these merchants get approved by traditional bank card processors, it is always with restrictions such as reserve accounts which are often so severe that a merchant can't possibly operate his or her business successfully. Many high volume high risk merchants open offshore merchant accounts to avoid these problems. Other restrictions include monthly volume caps and average ticket caps. Traditional credit card processing companies are simply not comfortable doing high risk business. The easy way to eliminate these problems is simply to apply here at MPC!

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  • All Terminals are INCLUDED!

  • All Receipt Capture equipment is INCLUDED!

  • All Pin Debit equipment is INCLUDED!

  • Gift Cards are INCLUDED!

  • All Check Readers are INCLUDED!


* Fees may apply for unreturned equipment, equipment returned late, or for shipping & handling on substituted equipment.