Sales Career FAQS

How long has Merchant been around?

Merchant was started in June of 2006 with over $25 million of capital.  The management team has over 100 years in the payment processing industry.  Today, tens of thousands of merchants use our processing services.

What is different about your company?

What makes us different is our unique value proposition — FREE equipment, single platform, and best-in-class client service.  For you, the Independent Sales Agent, a unique and easy way to do a professional presentation that practically sells itself.

Why are there so many payment processing companies and so many recruiting sales representatives?

This is a huge and consistently growing industry.  The industry is $3 trillion in size today and growing at a rate of 12% per year.  Any time you have that kind of growth, there is going to be competition.  It does not mean that we can’t be successful, in fact, just the opposite.  We believe we are the best choice out there, and we have tens of thousands of merchants that agree!  The “pie” is huge, and many companies will be successful; we just believe we will be more successful than most!

Why would someone switch to Merchant Processing?

The primary reason is our unique value proposition.  FREE equipment, single platform, best-in-class services, and one-stop shop services (credit, debit, checks, gift cards, and receipt capture).

How do I get trained?

There are three steps to the initial training:

  1. Online, interactive training based on years of knowing what is important.
  2. A laptop training call to ensure you know how to operate your laptop.
  3. A call with the head of the Sales Dept. to go through a number of important topics.

You will be selling within one week of your first call to Merchant!

Will there be ongoing training?

Absolutely.  By no means is your training over once you finish the initial training.  You will have continued training with your Sales Manager.  Your Sales Manager will have one-on-one training with you, and you will have a group conference call with your team weekly.  Everyone learns at a different pace, so your Sales Manager will dictate how much time is needed with continued training.  Your Sales Manager is responsible for your continued development.

What are the opportunities for advancement?

Once you prove you are successful in the field, then you can interview for positions here at corporate, if that is an avenue you would like to pursue.

What is my territory?

The good news is you do not have a set territory.  We set your leads up according to you base zip code.  You can sign anyone up in the USA.

Do You Deal with High Risk Merchant Accounts?

Yes we do. We have several banks that are friendly towards the high risk merchant industry. We even can now process for MMJ with our newly acquired relationship with National Processing Services.

How many other sales people are in my area?

Each area is different, but we never put more sales people in an area than we can support with between 2 and 4 appointments each day.

Can I work for my other company as well as yours?

As long as it’s not with another payment processing company and it does not interfere with your schedule.  Appointments are set Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Can I do this part-time?

No, this is a full-time position.  The hours are Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

How many appointments will I get daily?

You should get 2-4 appointments daily.  There are some days you might get only 1.  On those days, we ask you to follow up on referrals and canvas the areas.

How far will I have to drive to each appointment?

On average, you will be asked to drive 10-50 miles per day, depending on where you live and the population density in your area.

Can I set and run my own appointments?

Absolutely.  We actually encourage it.

What is the dress attire?

The dress is business casual.

What do we tell the merchant when the appointment is set?  Are they expecting me?  What are their expectations?

Our marketing center’s job is to generate leads for our Independent Sales Agents nationwide.  Once a lead is generated, then they are sent to a confirmation department to confirm the owner, interest, time, and to validate the address.  We also confirm that they know why you are coming to see them.

Why can’t I get all my appointments the night before?

We give your appointments out one at a time to ensure that we, as a team, are doing everything we can to maximize that lead.  If you cannot sell the lead, then the CM is required to get on the phone and to try and sell it for you.  Your CM’s daily job is to help you maximize your pay.  We want to focus on one appointment at a time.

How do you know I can do well in my area?

Merchant Management has over 100 years of industry experience, and this opportunity is excellent for any hard-working sales person.  We have countless examples of success stories.

When and how do I get paid?  Residuals?

We pay commissions daily on every account.  You close an account on one day, and you get paid the very next day.  No waiting…no hassles!  You also get a monthly bonus on the number of accounts you activate (14-16 activated accounts gets $250, 17-19 activated accounts gets $350, and 20+ activated accounts gets $450).

Are there chargebacks on any commissions paid?

There are no chargebacks.  Once an account is activated, then you do not get any chargebacks for that account.

What is a typical close ratio?

Our typical close ratio is 15%-20%.

What happens if I do not meet sales expectations?

We will work with you to help achieve your goals.  Remember, the CM is responsible for your development.

Can I talk to someone in Sales?

Yes, we can have you speak with a Sales Manager.  You can also listen to testimonials from other Merchant Independent Sales Agents.

Can I put this on my own laptop?

No, all information is proprietary, and we cannot have it on any other laptop except ours.  Our laptops and security features are built-in to protect the company.

How does Merchant make their money if you are giving the terminals away for free?

We still make money on processing.  We just don’t make as much as our competition per account.  Our philosophy is that by providing FREE equipment, we will sign up more clients than our competition.  Our philosophy is working very well!

Can you explain the non-compete?  I don’t want to sign it.

This is a standard industry contract.  Are you currently in the industry?  We will be investing serious dollars in you, and this is very standard language.  The main thing we want to protect against are you recruiting Merchant people if you leave, or solicit our existing customer base for at least three years, per Section 4.06 of the contract.

What is the $39.95 resource fee for?

This fee only applies if you sell less than 14 accounts per month, and we fully expect that you will sell at least 14 new accounts per month.  If not, this is a small price to pay for leads, support from corporate office, and use of the laptop presentation.  Regardless, the resource fee is only applicable for the first 36 months.

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