The Merchant Difference

The Merchant Difference

Equipment Included

Most companies in our industry still lease or sell equipment at inflated prices.  Not at Merchant Processing!  All of our clients receive all of their equipment for at no additional cost!  Why do we do that?  It’s very simple.  We believe that by providing better value to our clients, we will get more clients to join the Merchant family.  Over 100,000 clients agree with us and have proven us right.  In addition, by providing equipment at no additional cost, all of our clients use the same terminal.  That makes it easier for us to provide superior client services and trouble-shoot any issues as quickly as possible.

Merchant Intelligence: We deliver the Data.

It’s all about the customer. Loyalty.  Building relationship with those who buy your goods and services. That’s why Merchant provides a dashboard of data that delivers high-impact Intelligence.

  • Increase revenue, increase sales
  • Gain an understanding of your customers and their buying preferences
  • Apply Intelligence to better serve customers with products and services they prefer
  • Become a market leader using Intelligence that drives customers to your place of business
  • Build marketing and point-of-purchase displays that match customer preferences

Merchant Processing clients receive Merchant Intelligence as a value-added service. It’s a no-cost digital dashboard that aggregates transaction data into charts and other easy-to-read visuals. Intelligence includes:

  • Where customers live in relation to their place of business
  • The average income levels of their customers
  • Where their competitors are located
  • Where their advertising dollars are being spent relative to where their business is coming from.

“Call-Me” Feature

The Merchant “Call-Me” feature is a standard, free feature on every Merchant Diamond.  Instead of taking time out of a busy day to call customer service, this feature allows our clients to simply press a button on the terminal.  When they do, a message is sent to Merchant notifying Merchant of a customer request.  Merchant then calls the merchant back within 24 hours, saving the merchant valuable time during a busy day.

Receipt Advertising

Merchant offer receipt advertising to all of its merchants for free.  With this feature, the merchant is able to customize a message at the bottom of their receipts, allowing the merchant to communicate specific policies or sales promotions to their customers.

Chargeback Protection Program

The MPC Chargeback Response Program provides our merchants with:

  1. Instant notification upon an incoming sales draft request.
  2. The ability to choose your notification preferences. by email, paper mail, or text message.
  3. A MPC Chargeback Reduction Team that monitors your response status.
  4. A timely and efficient process for fulfilling sales receipt requests.
  5. A piece of mind that your sales draft receipt requests are being monitored daily by an experienced team of Chargeback Reduction Specialists.