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My Story with Merchant Processing: Stuart Lowry, Corporate Manager

My experience with Merchant has been nothing short of incredible. Everything that I was told that was going to happen has manifested itself and then some! My experience started when I found the job opportunity on Craigslist. I really didn’t think much of it because my only sales experience was in commercial real estate. Never the less I responded to the ad and got a response from one of the recruiters (Jeff Senay). He told me about the company and what the job would require. I was nervous because I had never had an outside sales job that was 100% commission. I remember thinking that if they were going to give me a free laptop and required no investment from me then it had to be legitimate, so I gave it a shot. I went through the recruiting process and filled out the necessary paperwork and Merchant sent me my laptop. I was assigned to my Corporate Manager and followed the sales program he had taught me (This is the same program that is taught to every rep).

In my first month I made 8 sales, in my second I made 11 sales and every month following my sales went up. It got to the point were I was doing 20 accounts per month and pulling in $1,200 – $1,500 per week in commissions. I did this consistently for a year in Nashville, TN and got an opportunity to interview for a Corporate Manager position and run my own team of reps. I moved to Princeton one week after my interview and began building my team of reps. I have been a Corporate Manager for 14 months now and in that time I have become one of the top producing CM’s in the company. This is by far the best company I have ever worked for and I am always thankful for the opportunity they gave me.

Stuart Lowry
Corporate Manager
Merchant Processing Company

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