Merchant FAQs

Merchant FAQs

  1. Is my equipment really included?

    Absolutely! Each merchant that processes with MPC receives the Merchant Diamond terminal for as long as they process credit cards with us.  Also, any merchant that chooses to accept CPC’s extra services will receive any necessary equipment at no additional cost!  Another benefit of providing equipment is that all our merchants use our Merchant Diamond terminal, which streamlines our client service efforts, allowing us to better serve you!

  2. How is MPC able to include equipment at no additional cost?

    MPC has invested literally MILLIONS of dollars on equipment to make sure each and every one of our clients can enjoy equipment at no additional cost for as long as they process with us.  By not selling or leasing equipment, we understand we will make less money per merchants, but that is all part of strategy to get “Clients for Life”.

  3. Do you accept High Risk Merchants like credit repair and collection agencies??

    Unfortunately our bank will not allow high risk merchants. There are other options out there online. Some of the suggested processors we have worked with that accept High Risk Merchant Services include: ProcessUSA, PSBill and

  4. If the equipment is included, are my rates going to be higher?

    Not at all!  MPC’s unique offer coupled with our efficient single platform design allows us to keep our rates lower than our competition.

  5. Why does Merchant record the sales confirmation call?

    We believe in 100% integrity.  When you agree to become a Merchant client, we want to ensure you know and understand all the details.  If you have any questions or concerns, we want to address those at the time you sign up.

  6. What are the “hidden” fees?

    Unlike most processing companies, we have no “hidden” fees. Every merchant that becomes a client with MPC must complete a recorded confirmation call and receive a copy of our merchant application and terms and conditions. We want our merchants to be informed of any and all charges that they may incur.  Our 24/7 Client Services department is there to provide additional information whenever you need it!

  7. Do I have to accept all the payment services?

    No. Our merchants can add or take away any of our extra payment services whenever they want to.  The only service every merchant with MPC must accept is our credit card processing service.

  8. Does MPC offer a cash advance program?

    Yes we do! MPC offers a great cash advance program to existing merchants. To inquire, please contact our client services department at 1-800-618-4428.

  9. Can MPC process transactions online?

    Yes, we currently offer a payment gateway to our clients. At this time, MPC does not offer a shopping cart. For further details, contact client services at 1-800-618-4428.

  10. Are my rates going to change?

    MPC does not arbitrarily raise rates and fees. If VISA or MasterCard decide to change their rates, at that time CPC will decide whether or not to pass along any rate increase if necessary.

The downloadable forms listed below will answer frequently asked questions about transaction qualification; card processing rules and regulations; and operation of your Merchant Diamond terminal by providing you with Quick Reference Guides for both Retail and Restaurant merchants. If you do not see the answer you are looking for, please contact Client Services at:

1-800-618-4428, Monday through Friday 8:00AM to 6:00PM, Saturday 9:00AM to 1:00PM Central Standard Time.