Get Approved for CC Processing

Visa Mastercard for Advertising & Marketing Firm

High Risk Merchant Account for Advertising & Marketing Services. Gone are the days when people got ready, and travelled to a shop to buy things of their choice. Today technology advancement has enabled people to shop from wherever they are and whenever they want. Be it early in the morning or middle of the night, they can just shop to their heart’s content. All they need is their smart phone and a secure internet connection.

This is possible due to the vast number of online shopping portals. Now these online shops as well as physical shops and businesses that are still trying to get customers need advertising. Due to the technological advancement, each of them has a website. Apart from the television and various media advertisements, they now need SEO too. This ensures their business reaches the target customer. This is where advertisers and marketing service providers are in big demand. When you run advertising or marketing company, it is your responsibility to ensure these businesses are portrayed in such a manner that customers will trust and decide to use the products and services. Advertisers that fall into the the high risk categories include:

  • Timeshare Advertising & Marketing
  • Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Industries
  • Internet Marketing Companies, Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services
  • Call Centers, Inbound / Outbound Telemarketing Companies
  • Escort Listings, Adult Directories, Adult Entertainment Companies
  • Web Design Companies, Interactive Agencies
  • High Ticket Items, High Volume Merchants, Large Ticket Items

High Risk Merchant Accounts

Advertisements and all marketing activities are now done online. There is no need to meet anyone anywhere these days. You just need to prepare the drafts, share them with your clients, get the approval and they can be implemented in whichever way decided. Being this the case, your customer is not going to come in person and pay you in cash or card. Nor will they be sending you a cheque at all times.

Many times in such industries, the payments are made online. When you are printing or rolling out the marketing services, there may be sudden requirements that will need more money. At such times you cannot put in your own money or wait for the client to come in person. Online payments have to be accepted by you, if you want your business to flourish in today’s market. This is where merchant accounts come into the picture. These account providers enable you to accept online card payments and process the payments, so that you receive your money without any trouble. For this you need reliable virtual terminals and a good gateway setup. When you have terminals that are fast and dependable, you can process payments from your website itself. The client can log into your website, make a payment even when card is not present and need not provide a signature either.

Get Approved With No Rolling Reserves

Have you approached many banks for this facility and have been turned down because your business is categorized as high risk? Your business is considered high risk because; the clients may not pay you in time. When an advertisement or marketing strategy does not pay off as expected, the client can go back on their agreement and not pay the remaining amount of money. Though you could get it back legally, it is bound to take time and the banks are not ready to take such risks. There is the risk of cancellations and chargeback’s too.

We are merchant account providers who can provide you a reliable gateway to process your card payments. Be it a Visa/Master/Discover/Amex, check drafting or even ACH Processing/Check Processing, we can do it all. The entire application process itself is simple and straight forward. There is no application fee, no rolling reserve requirements and no setup fees.

How Rates and Fees are Determined

The rates and fees depend on the risk involved. Our team will analyze your business for a High Risk vs. Low Risk comparison and the rates vary by Startup vs. History. This is because, when you are a startup business that is new, the risks involved are high. Your flow of customers will be low and if there is an issue, you may not be well equipped to handle it. Hence to cover this risk, the charges will vary.

We can provide virtual terminals for Iphone/Android Mobile Apps too, since today; people prefer to make all the payments on their phones itself. Immaterial of whether it is for Retail / Card Present / Signature not available, we can process the payments. In your line of business the billing could be onetime payment or you can even have recurring billing from regular clients. We have the facilities to process both such payments, where your client will be sent a reminder on a fixed date for the payment.

Getting Approved Domestic vs Offshore Options

In your line of business, you are bound to get customers from other parts of the world too. While one can have branches in different parts, sometimes it is more economical to have the business in one country and have offshore payment options. If you require such a facility, just inform our friendly operators and we will do the needful. Offshore facilities can also be provided for a fee as we have multiple underwriting banks that are ready to support us and enable us to offer you such services. We are here to help your business grow in todays highly competitive and technologically advanced world.