Consultant & Advisor Companies Approved

Visa & Mastercard for Business Consultants

Get Maximum Benefits Out of Merchant Accounts! Do not be surprised by the fact that many financial firms consider Business consulting as an uncertain business. Banks and financial institutions hesitate to provide any monetary assistance to such companies in spite of the fact that the consultants are usually highly educated and experienced. Similarly, companies in the area of financial consulting also find it very difficult to secure loan from banks. Most of the times the banks charge exorbitant rates of interest even when they provide a loan. There are times when a company needs to restructure its financial status or needs a short term financial assistance to tide over a small deficit in the monetary funds of the company. At such times the banks again make it very difficult to get a loan due to high rates of interest and very strict screening process to be followed. In situations as such, do think of us.

MOTO / Internet Merchant Services

We are an online merchant services company who can help you in such situations by providing financial solutions. It is amazingly easy to start an online merchant account with us. We provide our services at very competitive rates even to such high risk merchants or businesses. The application process is very easy, and you will be surprised to know that there is neither any application fee nor any set up fee. The process itself takes a few minutes. We provide assistance to high risk businesses as we realize that it is very difficult to get assistance compared to low risk ones.

Denied Shutoff Closed by Credit Card Processor

This makes the entire process a little tough but it is undertaken by us. Similarly, at times some business proposals are denied/Shutoff/closed by Other Credit Card Processor / Stripe, Square, First Data, PayPal, as these have very strict norms about the products or the risks associated with the business. But rest assured we help in such situations as well and even if you have been denied by many banks we can provide some solution for your company.

Domestic USA & Offshore Options

Domestic merchant accounts are better as they are governed by the laws of the land and the rates are lower. However, sometimes the offshore account becomes inevitable as the products or processes are not approved in the country. In such situations, we help you in setting up of an offshore account and all the international card payments. We also help when you have a subscription model or when there are members paying a recurring fee. We ensure smooth reconciliation at every stage. We help you to set up the terminals for payment, including the virtual terminals. So that even when a credit card is not present, the payment goes through securely. This is highly useful for all your online payments and transactions. We work with all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, diners or Amex. It helps simplified reconciliation and can work on multiple channels simultaneously.

Payment Processing Gateway Options

We also ensure that your account is compatible with almost all gateways, and with our own gateway. All the transactions through these payment gateways are completely secure and ensure instant proceeding. It is worth mentioning here that most customers prefer any one specific payment gateway and their experience at the time of payment can make or break the business. Your account will be compatible with almost all payment gateways like Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Magento, Big Commerce, NMI,, USAEPAY, Volusion, 3DCart and many more. We can also provide you with the option of payment through online checks through ACH Processing/Check Processing. This saves a lot of time and you can avoid going to the bank each time to deposit a cheque. We also help you to secure and avoid any kind of fraud by following all safety standards. With cheque drafting, the money is immediately deposited into the account.

Rolling Reserves Not Always Needed

Most companies are apprehensive about the Rolling Reserve requirements. As this not only sets a big chunk of money as reserve and if they reach their limit then they are denied any more assistance. This amount is used as the safety bond and it is important. At times most payments come in time and the cycle of outgoing and incoming money works smoothly. But in case of any dispute by a customer and a chargeback this fund is used to settle the payment. If you have more ‘Card not present’ transactions, or more chargebacks or you are a part of the high risk business group, then this rolling credit reserve is essential. After a certain period of time, this credit is gradually released. This helps to maintain the credit score of the account. We also get multiple underwritings from different banks so that even if one bank stops the service to your account, you do not suffer.

Experienced In Your Industry

We are a friendly company, who can help you, whether you are a start-up or have been in business for some time and are facing hardships right now. We are an established name in the online industry. You can check our website for all the details that you might need to understand regarding an online merchant account. We have a qualified team of people to assist and guide you at every step to open and maintain the account with us. We also help you to save money at every transaction and lead you to streamline your financial structure. This goes a long way in the business world and will set you on a path to success and profit sooner than you expected.