Kava & Kratom Approved

Visa & Mastercard Domestic Merchant Services

Our spectrum of services for high risk merchant accounts includes herbs, herbal supplements CBD, Kava, and Kratom. Kava Kava, Kratom, and Herbal Botanicals can be approved for a domestic merchant service gateway. Domestic is always preferred over offshore as you will avoid declines for foreign transactions. Every business, whether big or small, needs banking and financial services. Without an online financial presence, no business can succeed today, as most of our transactions take place online. A merchant account service ensures that a company can receive payments in many forms from its customers. They can receive payments for products and services through secure channels like credit card, debit card, payment gateways, and many more options.

Every business has to open a merchant account with an institution. But many banks consider herbal supplements, plant based medicinal products, and other similar products as unsafe due to FDA guidelines. Therefore, the companies dealing in these and similar products are not given any assistance to open a merchant account by financial institutions. We as a merchant services company help you to open and maintain an online account successfully.

Ecommerce Payment Gateway Online Merchants

Online merchants have more responsibilities than a brick and mortar store. They need to ensure that the products and services are delivered on time, in good condition, inventory and supply are coordinated, and the payments are properly done and many more. The business of herbal supplements is considered a high risk one, based upon the past experience with regulations. Another reason is that customers do not realize the actual complete amount for an annual package and then they ask for a chargeback or refund. So banks consider these companies as high risk companies. But our company realizes the constraints under which your company works and therefore, provide many options that can work in your favour.

Denied Shutoff Closed by Credit Card Processor

If you are a high risk business, then most banks and credit card processors likeStripe, Square, PayPal and First Data will not accept your request for an account. Most of your payments being online, the credit card will not be present and they consider this as a risk. Our company can help you to avoid all these hurdles. We also waive off the rolling reserve requirement. The fees for your merchant account will depend upon the risk involved. We have different types of accounts and different rates for them depending on the risk factor and the history of the company.

High Volume Merchant Services

We have solutions for high volume merchants who sell kava kava, kratom, or other herbal relaxation and stress relief products. We open a merchant account without any setup fee or application fee. This will help you immensely when you are just starting your business. Your customers can pay through Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, etc. Most of the new companies start their business online. Today a merchant account is indispensable as all the payments for products are done online.

Domestic Processing & Offshore Options

If you are a domestic company, our company offers lower rats and better security, following the laws of the land. But there are many companies like your, whose products are considered high risk and so many companies and banks deny services to them. We provide services to such high risk companies but through off shore accounts. The rate will be slightly higher due to the higher risk involved, but our services are equipped to deal with all the regulatory procedures. Every business needs a virtual terminal today, so that, all transactions can be concluded without signature and without the physical presence of a credit card. Many a time customers subscribe to a scheme or buy a product without understanding the payment schedule or the details. Then after a few months, there is a chargeback as they want a refund. We do not charge extra fees even at such instances . At the beginning of any business, every penny is important. We understand this fact and help to open your account without any application fee or set up fee. Our customer service and other employees are highly competent and a friendly lot. We ensure that all your problems and queries are sorted without much of hassle.

High Risk Payment Gateway Options

So, the gateways are designed in a way that customers are encouraged to use their favourite cards to pay and the payment is never a barrier to a successful transaction. Major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex etc., and payment gateways such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Magento, BigCommerce, NMI,Authorize.net, USAEPAY, Volusion, 3DCart are accepted with an account with the bank If you are associated with one bank and for some reason, they stop the payments to your account, and then the business can suffer immensely. To prevent this, we ensure that we adapt the process of underwriting through multiple banks to facilitate uninterrupted payments. If you are starting out in the online business of herbal supplements and nutritional products, then you may find that many institutions do not extend their services to you. But we extend our entire spectrum of services to your business and help you to establish it well. We have plenty of experience in helping companies which are in agreement to yours, which were considered ‘high risk’, but who have managed to create hugely popular ventures with our support. Our services are available at very affordable prices. Do call us or send a mail and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.