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Visa & Mastercard High Risk Payment Processing

Do you have a new age business setup that requires you to process a lot of online transactions? Today, people are more comfortable to sit at home and shop or shop from their office desk. This saves them a lot of time, as they need not drive through traffic, search for a parking spot, stand in queues, etc. So, starting a business or incorporating online transactions in your existing business is a very good and lucrative move as, this is what your customers are expecting. If you do not bring in this facility, your competitors are going to cash in and take away a considerable part of your market share. Hence, in order to, keep up with the changing market, one is forced to offer this facility.

Best Options for Merchant Accounts

When you need to process online transactions, you need an online merchant to provide you with secured terminals and easy gateway setup that can enable you to process payments even when the card is not present or without asking for a signature. This is because when one is paying online through their card, there is no way they are going to produce the card or sign anywhere. They will only provide the card details and the payment has to be processed. While this is a basic requirement for this type of billing or recurring billing, not all banks will support this as there is a high level of risk involved. When there is a high risk, banks will ask for big collateral and various fees. The rates charged will also be high, because they need to cover up the risk they are undertaking to help your business grow.

Denied Shutoff or Closed - Alternatives

Have you approached a number of banks for such facilities and have been denied because your business falls under their “high risk” category? Is your business a high risk business? Here are a few reasons your business can be termed high risk:

  • If your industry is considered a huge risk, your business is automatically categorized high risk and rates will differ accordingly
  • If yours is a startup business, the risk involved is high as you do not have a fixed sales volume and you will need time to find a foothold in the existing market and create a name for yourself. Your merchant account provider will have to undertake this risk till you make all the payments
  • If yours is an offshore setup, the risks involved are high and this requires different rates. Different countries have different rules and regulations, and the merchant account provider will have to comply with all the requirements.

Application Process & Get Approved Fast

So, how does this merchant accounting facility actually work? When you have a business with multiple online transactions via card payments, the account provider will take up the risk of offering you the service for a percentage of the card payments received. Whether you get fewer payments or more payments, the percentage remains the same. The risk here is the amount that will come in for the provider. If you are new to this business, you may not have the desired number of sales per month; hence his income will be low. One will have to wait for a while before customers start realizing and trusting your portal for purchases. Subsequently, the merchant account is able to retrieve the money he invested on your business.

Steps to Get Started

The merchant account setup process is very straight forward and simple with us. There is no application fee or setup fee involved. The application process is pretty simple and virtual terminals are easy to setup and understand. Whether it is for billing or recurring billing, we have the provision to accommodate such transactions. The payment processing is easy and quick, thus ensuring you don’t have to wait long to receive your payments. The rates vary by startup Vs, history as start up business have more risk when compared to established businesses. This is because when you are a new startup, you will require sufficient amount of time to break into the market. On the other hand, if you are a well established business, you will have a steady source of income and an assured number of sales every month. However, there are no rolling reserve requirements or charge backs. We understand there are many online shopping portals today that offer free returns and cancellations. If you want to keep up with the competition, you will have to provide these facilities too.

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We are here to provide the necessary services to you, so that your business can flourish and grow as you visualized. Planning to set up offshore portals for your business? All you will have to do is call our people and give them your requirements. The necessary services will be provided for a spate fee. We are able to help you get a good rate as we have multiple underwriting banks. Since we have enough support, we are willing to extend this to you and help you and your business grow, along with us.