Credit Card Processor for Computer Repair

Visa & Mastercard Processor for Tech Support

Merchant Service that suits your New Business PC Tech Support, Computer Repair, Spyware Removal, Virus Removal. All of us in the modern world live on our toes. We start early, multi-task at home, run to the office, run back to home and rush through the shopping centers. Gone are those days when we shift our location from shop to shop in the hope of hitting something buyable. Taking my example for instance, while doing my work or putting my baby to sleep, I write my emergency shopping list on the mobile. We set our rush to shop by simply grabbing the phone, keys and purse, not even bothering to check if the purse has enough cash.

Now, having or not having cash in the purse is not an issue because we have the ‘key’ to cash always with us. Make a swipe and you dump everything into your trolley. We have our online payment gateways when we shop on the go. Starting from credit and debit cards of banks to virtual payment gate providers, there is a long list of options.

Still, we had our long walks to ATM for taking big sums of money. Rarely, we found our card not present in the wallet. The last time it was when we had given our laptop for repair. We gave it for a single complaint and we got an invoice for multiple complaints. Their POS was not working it seems, or maybe our Maestro card was not accepted. Anyway, we walked several minutes up down to get the cash. Again, the next time when we visited the same computer center to change the keyboard of another laptop, the serviceperson’s POS was accepting our card, but he cautioned us against the high service fee it would take on swiping. We had no option but to agree to it. The final effect was that we have decided to stop our service with them and have found a new and more customers - friendly service personnel now.

High Risk Payment Gateway Options

There are computer service centers in every nook and corner of your city, but techies flock around the most efficient, time-bound and welcoming center. You may be servicing a system, which is under warranty or out of warranty. Either way, you will be carrying out incoming and outgoing payments:

  1. If you buying spares, then you must pay and order it from the manufacturer, the faster you do it, the faster they will send you the order and you can return the system on time.
  2. There are many instances when you have to purchase licensed software, antivirus, operating systems etc., to install in a new system or one under repair. These transactions are done online and have to be carried out in quick successions so that the service time is not prolonged (you may have the customer waiting in your shop to grab his functional system and run to his office).
  3. Customers always look for places where they can pay out conveniently and as fast as they can. If you have POS, keep multiple ones for alternatives and also include the following provisions in the machine:

    • Acceptance of maximum types of cards such as: Visa/Master/Discover/Amex.
    • Opt for a payment gateway setup, which either operates through a nationalized bank or does not levy heavy commission on the customer. There are also merchant account providers who charge no application fee. Based on the location of the parent bank of the customer’s card, the cheapest terminal may vary from country to country.
    • Protection from hacking and bugs is quintessential. You may have a Wi-Fi connection and you cannot compromise on the security of yours or client’s data.
    • Choose gateways that help you in minimizing charge backs. Why garner negative reputation when you are dreaming of spreading your wings?

PC /Computer Repair Credit Card Processor

Computer repairing is usually classified under the ‘High risk’ category by the financial firms. So, your biggest challenge will be move into the comfort zone for them so that you can avail their special facilities. These are your financial efficiency indicators in a brick and mortar set up. Computer technicians can never reap the maximum opportunities unless they become mobile and move personally to other servicing locations, including client’s residences. When you have your instruments in your bag pack, how can you think about carrying a POS terminal with you??

What if the same afore mentioned situations arise here also. One of the following financial rollbacks may occur: You have to check the fault, return with all the necessary tools and financial backup. You may have to accept a check if the customer is ready for check drafting. The charge may also include any downloads you made then through E-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, Woo commerce, Big Commerce etc., or official website. These setbacks have become history now. There is a whole bunch of gateways providing you virtual terminal to accept and make payments on the go, wherever you are. You can convert your Android, iPhone, blackberry etc., into a gateway, give the details of the card and carry out the transaction. Select the most suitable terminal for your bank, location and financial planning. Computer hardware and software arrive from different parts of the world. Hence, quickly and charge less conversion and credit should be important for preventing the erosion of your income.