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Visa & Mastercard for Telemarketing Firm

Get Payments While You Are Doing Your Work on Telephone, call center friendly credit card processing services. One of the most difficult job profiles in the corporate sector might be that of the people involved in telemarketing. You are using the communication lines to attract potential clients, convince the clients to continue their association, manage disputes, expand the business, get orders, give technical assistance, collect funds etc. The telemarketing section works for organizations like:

  • Timeshare Operators
  • Marketing Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Vitamins, Health Supplements, Diet Products
  • B2B and B2C enterprises
  • Consumer Products Industry
  • Healthcare sector
  • SEO & Internet Marketing Sector
  • Collection Agency Centers
  • Financial firms

Ecommerce / MOTO vs Face To Face Swipe

Managing financial transactions in this field is very sensitive. You may be receiving orders, finalizing deals, and finding new markets for your product on the telephone. So how can you process the payments? Since you are not involving in a face-to-face interaction with the client, it will be difficult for you to convince him of the payment. Once it is done, you will have to either wait for his convenience for a bank transfer or go through the painful check drafting and payment processing which takes away several days of your company function. A sophisticated example:

Categorized as a High Risk Merchant

Take the example of a nutraceutical company here. One of the most active departments in the company is the technical marketing team. They work round the clock through emails and phone calls. They attend customer queries and make product markets in the domestic and international arena through the telephone. The company actually works through a complex network system. It purchases herbal raw materials from farmers, processes them in their own factories and sells the finished ingredients for the final formulation to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies.

There are several layers of external payment involved here, to the farmers, agricultural landowners, transporters, and from the customers (end market for multi-level marketing products and companies for raw materials). The sources are geographically vast and collecting and giving payments through credit cards are troublesome. The terminals may not connect with all the bank branches in the process and coordinating offshore and onshore target accounts are cumbersome. The concerned departments are of course the telemarketing section and to some extent the accounts.

There are several layers of external payment involved here, to the farmers, agricultural landowners, transporters, and from the customers (end market for multi-level marketing products and companies for raw materials). The payments are huge amounts and waiting for bigger spans of time for check clearance, bank transfer or card swiping can affect the normal functioning of the company’s day-to-day activities. If there is an order cancellation, things go over the board for the telemarketing section again.

Processing Payments Through Gateway over the Phone

Enter the virtual terminal and all is well from the economic point of view. Several banks and financial firms have come up with payment gateways exclusively for telemarketing sector including the world popular PayPal. These providers do not charge very heavy fee for the transaction and even make available the Gateway Setup free. The process is very simple, particularly for a start-up trying to establish the financial management:

  • Contact merchandise account provider suitable for your bank, company sector and payment locations.
  • Convince the gateway provider about your consistent working, nature of credit flow and the facilities required.
  • You will be required to fill out the business form and start your account. The application process is extremely fast and smooth. There are dedicated stand-alone accounts for suiting the type of organization you are. For example, E-Commerce merchant accounts for supporting start-ups, tech support merchant accounts, merchant account for multilevel marketing etc.
  • Approach your bank also for the same for linking. If you have international funds also, necessary conversion and crediting to your home branch will be done at minimal rate by the terminal.
  • The setup link is usually sent through emails or highlighted in your account. Bigger firms send you the link with no set up fee. Give the details of the credit or debit card and proceed to payment. The details can be collected by phone or online.
  • You can get the signature from the cardholder in the digital format, if required. The amount gets credited to the destination account without delay. As your firm is starting fresh, you can check for terminals which have no rolling reserve requirements.

If you are out of your static location and do not have a desktop for the processing, these gateways have mobile applications like Iphone/Android Mobile Apps also. The dedicated setup converts your mobile phone; let it be Android or iPhone or Blackberry into a virtual terminal in which you can carry out the credit card transaction.

Beware of Order Cancellations and Chargebacks

You will for sure try to avoid both these setbacks, and your terminal provider will assist you in this. Even if they occur, your merchant service can help you by guiding through your doubts and answering your client queries. The merchant account service provider also aids the firm in obtaining an SSL Certificate or PCI Compliance certificate. Together, you can maintain a friendly and professional relationship with your customers and fight back fraudulent attempts on either side. Maintain clear timely records of all the transactions and invoices whenever billing is done. With flawless company products and services, you need flawless financial transactions. When you are perfect, so will the running of your businesses.