High Risk Credit Card Processor Solutions

Timeshare Visa & Mastercard Merchant Processing

Merchant account for Time Share advertising, relief, deed transfer, escape, litigation. E-commerce or electronic money transactions as they are called is the future. Not only have plastic payment options made purchasing easier, it also saves a significant amount of time too. The process is easier and way more convenient; people no more need to carry cash with them. This is the main reason why, it has become extremely crucial for all kinds of merchants to set up a terminal or a gateway setup, where customers can have an easy payment processing. They need not carry cash and can make transactions even when card not present or simply by a signature.

This is possible only by setting up a merchant account, as this provides a platform for a virtual terminal for payments. It facilitates the customers with an easy mode of payment. The business in question can make sure that they do not lose business to counter parts that have a website, or ecommerce payment options.

Established Processing History High Volume

For businesses which have clean credit card processor history, have establish processing volume and have robust paperwork and everything in place, requesting and getting a account from e-commerce companies like Shopify, woocommerce, Wix, magneto and many others is fairly easy. As these are low risk timeshare business.

However, high risk time share merchants that are startup companies, or have been denied, closed, or shutoff by another processor do not have it so easily. The applications in case of high risk business are always a dicey affair, as the company may deny the application well within the legal bounds without actually having to provide a reason. The main reason for this is the risk of fraudulence. This is especially true for businesses like Timeshare Advertising and Resale, where you can share a particular site for a certain amount of time where the site is yours. The owner has to spend certain amount in maintaining it, while the others can use it as a Timeshare.

Such business often gets denied by conventional banks and ecommerce platforms. The paper work for these account applications is often lengthy and the process is time consuming and exhausting. And at the end of it, chances of an account being denied are higher than any other low risk business where all papers and accounts are usually in place.

Merchant Accounts for High Risk Companies

We understand that potential customers in today’s times will shy away from business that do not have gateway for online payment or where they can make payments using their IPhone or Android mobile phone apps. It is not fair that high risk merchants lose out on a chunk of potential customers, simply because conventional banks and ecommerce gateways won’t allow them a virtual terminal for payments. This is where we come into picture. We know that like every other retailer, high risk retailers dealing with Timeshare advertising and resale need a merchant account. They need it even more so because of their recurring billing schemes as well as the cancellations and relief that come along with the business. All of it becomes easier if a valid account terminal is made available.

Startup and New Companies Are Approved

Our company understands the volatile nature of high risk start up/business and provide a valid and safe merchant account outlet. The retailers who are dealing with Timeshare advertising and resale along with all its cancellations, relief and recurring billing procedures are expected to have a proper virtual payment gateway. Along with that, it is better also to have a credit card payment terminal as well. This facilitates varied customers who prefer to make their payments online, or even using their credit card facility.

Domestic USA Based Underwriting Banks

While it is understood that conventional business who have all papers as well as lower business risk would prefer carry out their merchant accounts using domestic banking options, simply because the rate of domestic banking are lower. However, when domestic banking options is not possible considering high risk business often get denied of merchant accounts. Retailers dealing in business like Timeshare advertising and resale often are left with options between either opting offshore banking options or lose out on the business that comes along with potential customers who prefer making virtual payments. Offshore banking is usually not preferred among conventional businesses simply because the rates are higher. Also because the rates vary by start up Vs history in these business options. However, high risk business retailers have a tough call to make between losing out business from customers who prefer online payments or payments through credit cards or pay some ore to offshore bankers and increase scope for business.

For businesses like Timeshare advertising and resale with all its cancellations, relief, recurring billing etc, has too many complications. And when such a business needs to have a firm stand in the market, it is it is inevitable that they have a virtual payment terminal that allows online payments as well as use of credit cards. Even if this costs them a higher rate than domestic banks. But in a time when the domestic banks easily shun away high risk customers, we understand their complications and still offer these payment options. This is what sets us apart from domestic banks who can be ruthless. Our clientele includes many Timeshare advertisers and resale businesses, which have flourished and never missed out any customer who chose to lay using plastic.